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From Bitcoin, Blockchain or distributed ledger technology to cryptocurrencies, tokens and initial coin offerings - it seems everyone involved has something to say - but can you really trust their advice?

In this, the first episode of The ICO Radio Show, author, speaker, transparency and clarity advocate and award winning software innovator, Barry James,

Key Takeaways from this episode:

[1:57] Barry’s background, his crowdfunding work, and driving force.

[4:42] Opening up the “domain of the geeks” and the power of “programmable” money.

[6:30] “New Routes to Funding” book.

[8:50] Changing the nature of work, and creating an economy that works for people.

[12:40] getting away from the zero sum game of winners and losers by remaking the financial system.

[15:23] what is a cryptocurrency?

[24:08] record keeping.

[26:31] Bitcoin and bubbles.

[28:56] reasons people may choose to buy a cryptocurrency.

[38:04] are exchanges safe?

[41:15] should we be concerned with Bitcoin’s volatility, value, or potential?

[45:56] regulation, transparency, sandboxes and innovation.

[57:00] get involved! What’s coming up and how to get involved with the show.

Mentioned in this episode:

The New Routes to Funding book

Real Business magazine

The Gibraltar Stock Exchange and The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange


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