Martin Bartlam
Head of UK Finance and Financial Markets teams At DLA Piper

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In this episode we look at the myths, challenges and opportunities of the Blockchain technology.

First there was data then there was information now there is value - it’s much more than just money. We look at why digital assets or token coins can be “incredibly powerful”.

Why larger organisations are taking ICOs, tokens and digitalisation of assets more seriously,

Why business could radically change and there is recognition now it will have a significant influence in lot of different business areas.

Why the share price goes up if Blockchain is in the company title. Whether it’s genuine or artificial we don’t know, but there’s a recognition that there is greater value in a business that sees Blockchain as part of their underlying structure.

“It’s all about trust, who trusts who and why?” So why smart contracts are the future".

Recorded at a recent #TeamBlockchain Masterclass event at DLA Piper in London, host Barry E James, Gary Nuttall of #TeamBlockchain, Martin Bartlam who is joint Head of FinTech at DLA Piper and Gordon Mickel of Contract Vault discuss their vision for Blockchain, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, with a history of revolution and innovation, a warning about Napsterisation and some blasts from the past.

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