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From Bitcoin, Blockchain or distributed ledger technology to cryptocurrencies, tokens and initial coin offerings - it seems everyone involved has something to say - but can you really trust their advice?

Barry James has had enough of weasel words and charlatans and is ready to give you impartial, independent, insights.

With digestible Blockchain Bites, ICO analysis and need-to-know-news on crypto-currencies,  author, speaker, transparency and clarity advocate and award winning software innovator, Barry James, brings you Radio ICO.

Episode 2 of The ICO Radio Show is a quick-fire run through of some of the most frequently asked questions about cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

If you’re new to this world and what to learn more, it’s a great place to start; if you’re wondering about Barry’s motivations to share information – and launch this podcast – then he answers your questions here too.

Key Takeaways from this episode:

[1:38] What is so transformative about Blockchain?

[3:05] The potential of public and private blockchains to enable secure transactions, without needing a third party, could enable us to build a world that is more equal.

[3:53] Are cryptocurrencies a new asset class, a bandwagon, a dubious get rich quick scheme?

[6:28] Is volatility a problem?

[8:03] Should cryptocurrencies be regulated? If so, how?

[11:40] What’s an ICO, in really simple terms; are they safe and are they secure? And again, should they be subject to regulation?

[17:19] And what about Barry himself? Does he have a vested interest – is he holding (or hodling!) a massive pile of cryptocurrency and hoping to drive the price up?

[19:56] Where can people go for analysis, news and transparency?

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