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Whatever are you talking about?!

Interpreting the ICO world for the uninitiated, thanks to City AM’s Crypto Insider

Those of us steeped within the world of ICOs, cryptocurrency and tokenisation can sometimes forget that the very people we want to engage with, our potential investors and advocates, are not always coming from the same landscape, or have the same level of involvement.

Fortunately there are people who are new to all this but are starting to find their way through it, and can interpret it as they go to those a few steps behind, in their own words.

One such is James Bowater, who has a background in helping individuals and businesses with security and authentication of products and services through various technologies, and came across blockchain as another possible tool to assist in this space.

Having started to find his way around cryptocurrency and ICOs, James determined to find out as much as he could, and to make this knowledge available to his peers and others as he went, stripping back some of the jargon and explaining everything in an engaging, understandable way.

Enter City AM Crypto Insider!

Through a new weekly section in the market-leading City AM, both those new to blockchain and the experienced will be able to follow James’s journey, asking questions on the way, and keeping on top of new developments within this ecosystem. The series will feature expert opinion pieces, news on starting, rising and completing ICOs, interviews across the sector, market rates and informative, engaging articles.

In this interview for ICO Radio, Barry E James discusses with James what the 12-week - and possibly longer - series might offer as it unfolds, starting with the first articles on Monday 18th June, and future meetup events.

Watch this space!

Key take-aways

  • There is still a view that Bitcoin is some kind of dodgy way to pay for drugs on the dark web.
  • Blockchain is not the holy grail - but it offers amazing opportunities for so many types of business.
  • With the breath-taking magnitude of cryptocurrencies and ICOs, there has to be a way to distil this for the general onlooker.
  • There needs to be a pause in the rise of ICOs to weed out the bad ones.
  • Regulation is essential to making the sector globally accepted and successful, even as the sector rushes to decentralise everything.
  • Cutting out all middle-men leads to unemployed middle-men!
  • Crypto Insider will not be giving investment advice, but will be explaining jargon in simple terms.
  • City AM Crypto Insider will move towards events - probably casual meetups rather than conferences, beer and pizza, regular City AM audiences mingling with ICO experts.

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