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In Episode 4 of The ICO Radio Show, host Barry James interviews Nick Cowan, managing director and founder of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange, about the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX). Nick describes GBX’ mission to be a world-leading institutional-grade token sale platform and cryptocurrency exchange, and discusses The Rock Token (RKT).

Key Takeaways from this episode:

[0:42] Background: three reasons behind the Gibraltar Stock Exchange decision to provide a regulatory framework for blockchain operators in financial services or distributed ledger technology.

[4:05] the opportunity to provide leadership in the space by providing a bootcamp for ICOs and a licensed regulated framework for ICO issuers.

[4:50] The global response to Gibraltar’s proposals.

[6:52] The scope of GSX’s suite of services could include a suite of services to take a start-up, SME, Fintech from initial token sale right through to IPO, including access to payment services, asset management, corporate services, fund administration and other services.

[10:95] The Blockchain Innovation Centre, the GBX Alliance, and adapting rules as technology adapts; applying to join the Alliance.

[13:05] utility tokens, tokenized securities, and where each fit.

[15:05] market saturation and maturity; moving away from unrealistic expectations from issuers assuming they can raise $100m based on a 3-page whitepaper; increasing quality and acceptability; potential move to accredited investors.

[18:38] what size “vanilla” transaction will come to GBX? And why the GBX model is innovative.

[23:35] Who can participate in The Rock Token; how; and what language should apply to tokens – backers, investors, or contributors?

[25:40] What will the Rock Token enable people to do? Why Nick believes it’s a unique utility token.

[27:26] Opportunities for other jurisdictions, for corporates, issuers and investors

[31:31] Wrapping up and have you got a question? How to get in touch.

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The Rock Token Public Sale

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