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Episode 6 of The ICO Radio Show features a brand new interview with returning guest Nick Cowan, managing director and founder of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange.

Key Takeaways from this episode:

[1:50] Background: GBX has been given the green light and will open at the end of March!

[3:05] Reactions to the establishment of a fully-regulated blockchain exchange; GBX is a rules-based system based around best practices and Nick’s been stunned by the positive reception.

[4:35] The pre-sale to the Rock Token was heavily oversubscribed; that led on to the public sale; the general public offer sold out in nine seconds.

[6:40] Further opportunities to participate in Rock Tokens.

[8:14] What is the utility of the Rock Token? What will it do for the holder?

[10:28] GBX is a token sale platform and a cryptocurrency exchange that is owned and managed by a stock exchange.

[12:00] Holders of a minimum balance of RKT will get preferred access to every single public sale that comes through GBX of every single token.

[12:35] ... upholding best practices.

[18:19] Gibraltar’s DLT framework is based around nine principles. Other governments are keen and interested to learn the process that Gibraltar has been through… But you can’t regulate Bitcoin.

[22:16] Nick on ‘why regulators deserve sympathy’.

[29:02] Where to keep up to date with progress.

[30:16] Why you can’t describe the Rock Token as an equity token - no matter what Jay Clayton and the SEC say!

[33:00] The USA is missing out: Why RKT wasn’t available to contributors from the US, and several other countries.

[34:12] Key Milestones, what should we be looking out for and looking forward to? And how to get in touch with Nick and Barry.

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The Gibraltar Stock Exchange:

The Gibraltar Bitcoin Exchange:

The Rock Token Public Sale

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