54 Guests - So far...

Lior Abehassera
Co-Founder & Head of Investor Relations At Leaseum Partners
Alastair Band
Global Community Growth, Events and Business Development At Sweetbridge
David Dahan
Chief Investment Officer, Real Estate At Leaseum Partners
Guy Davies
Business Development UK & Europe At Blockpass
Dr Guenther Dobrauz
Partner & Leader PwC Legal Switzerland, Member of Global Legal Leadership Team At PwC
Manie Eagar
CEO / Executive Chairman At DigitalFutures / Quantex Exchange & Banq
Jillian Godsil
CEO, ICO Advisor, CryptoJournalist, BlockchainSpeaker, Broadcaster, Writer, LawChanger, Dreamer At Various
Sharon Henley
Director, Marketing, Communications and PR At British Blockchain Association
Dr Jane Thomason
Global Ambassador, Centre for Digital Transformation At ABT Associates
Kyle Tummonds
Business Developer At Thrinacia Inc